Do you need other related products that we do not have?

We also offer sourcing services. Please contact us and leave your requirements (product description, photo, estimated order quantity, shipping country). We will send you an E-mail with product photos, specifications, prices, and shipping costs.


    Please upload product photo, simple product description, estimated order quantity and your shipping country.

    We can source the related products that we do not produce in our own factories at the moment. These sourced products can be other kinds of 3D lamps, LED lamp base, acrylic plates, LED strips, LED controllers, DIY LED strip kits, blank engraving products, etc.

    We will check and test product sample firstly to make sure the quality and supplier’s production ability before you place bulk order.

    We only add 5%~15% commission based on the sourced product costs.

    • Reasonable prices: factory EXW price + 5%~10% commission
    • Fast stable shipping service: We ship by epacket, express airmail, express line, DHL, FedEx, UPS, by train/trucker/sea etc.
    • Qualified product with garrantee

    We accept payments from Paypal (Credit Card), Payoneer, Western Union and Bank Wire. Cash on delivery is not accepted for now.